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Strategic Intents

There are nine strategic intents laid out to help us focus on pursuing and achieving our mission.  These describe how our organisation is going to realize its vision both in the short and long term.  Our strategic intents provide the bedrock upon which all our policies are developed.  Here at Preston, we expect staff and students and all who have to do with us to take these strategic intents seriously and work with them towards achieving the goal of the school.

  • SI 1 - To create a culture of excellent behaviour among staff and students.
  • SI 2 - Institute a culture of individual responsibility and accountability.
  • SI 3 - Develop a strong sense of social justice, fairness and equity.
  • SI 4 - Create a culture of high expectation and success.
  • SI 5 - Develop a spirit of national pride and patriotism
  • SI 6 - Encourage and train pupils in entrepreneurship theoretically and practically (so they can contribute positively to the development of the nation).
  • SI 7 - Keep the cost of educating pupils as low as possible.
  • SI 8 - Develop life-long relationship with students that they may support their alma mater and vice versa towards towards the common goal of total emancipation for Africa.
  • SI 9 - Develop leadership skills at all levels of the school community.