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Preston International School values her old students and continues to keep in touch with all members of the alumni body.  Right from the start, the founders of the school documented nine 'strategic objectives' of the school amongst which we find SI9 - To establish a lifelong relationship with our students that they may support their Alma mater and vice versa.  

This lofty objective is pursued vigorously in the following ways:

1.  The school has an Alumni Committee headed by a member of the senior management team and comprising members of staff who worked directly with each graduating class such as the head of year, form tutors and admin staff.  The committee is responsible for maintaining and updating a database of all our ex-students, monitoring their progress, reporting to the directors regularly and generally keeping in touch with all old students via social media, telephone calls, email and actual visits.

2.  Each set have their executive members consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and public relations officer (PRO).  Their remit is to keep in touch with their classmates, regularly report to the Alumni Committee in the school and also coordinate the activities of the set.

3.  The school organises programmes which involve the alumni and this year 2016, we have invited all old Prestonians back to the school in the first homecoming event which is scheduled to take place this July.  We hope to have more of this in future.

4.  The school is committed to celebrating the achievement of our students by attending their celebratory events such as graduations etc and/or sending our best wishes.