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The moral and spiritual development of staff and students are central to the school's mission.  In order to develop ladies and gentlemen who will make 'huge contributions' to the development of our nation, strong moral principles must be taught and imbibed as part of that preparation.  Therefore, here at Preston, we have developed a number of opportunities for spiritual development.


Daily Assemblies

The entire school community gathers together every morning between 7.50a.m. and 8.10a.m. for daily worship during which the Word of God is shared and prayers offered.  Key issues relating to personal conduct and discipline are addressed and specific details of the high expectations for behaviour and academic performance are explained and encouraged.  Numerous opportunities are given for public speaking and performances by the students as well as staff - house choirs, class presentations, clubs etc. all have a place to share and develop their skills.  Assemblies provide the needed stimulation and encouragement to get through every day!

Sunday School/Sunday Activities

The school offers a rich Sunday School curriculum which covers the entire Bible.  The classes hold every Sunday between 9.00a.m. and 10.00a.m.  This is usually preceded by Praise Worship and followed by a Devotional Service which ends at 11.30a.m.  Personal meditation/reflection time takes place after the morning service.  There is singing practice at 4.30p.m. where new songs are learnt and old songs revised.  At 5.30p.m., the Evening Service holds.  Often, our budding preachers (students) dish out powerful sermons which are highly Spirited!  All students also have the opportunity to share their testimonies publicly in the evening service. Many testify to the born-again experience of Salvation as a result of the spiritual activities here at Preston.   You can follow the link on the left navigation panel to view/download the Sunday School Lessons for every week.

Early Morning Prayers

Students wake up by 5.30a.m. and in their rooms, have combined early morning prayers before spending some time for their own personal quiet time and devotion before going for their early morning duty. 

Bible Studies on Wednesday

At 3.30p.m. every Wednesday, students gather for Bible Studies.