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JSS2 Togo Trip 2015

The Jss2 annual educational visit to Togo was a huge success and will be long remembered by the attendees.

The first day of the educational outing was to the historical tourist centre of Kpalome. The students learnt about the Ancient Presidential Castle called "Chateau Viale" named after the missionary who found the place. Chateau Viale is built on top of a hill so high that you could see another country (Ghana) from the castle. It was fantastic and filled with lots of fun.

French students in Jss2 visited the Citadel of learning in Togo: University of Lome; they saw various faculties and most importantly the French Resource Centre "Le Village Francais du Benin."

From the university, they went to Fil'O park (children's park). It was an opportunity for the students to meet other children and discuss with them in French (asking the meaning of words they don't understand).

Prestonians were at the national museum, it was enlightening knowing about the black history especially when they saw Ife (Nigeria) as a cradle where most West Africa countries emerged from. They saw artifacts. From there they moved to the house of parliament.

The tour moved to the beach the next day where they had lots of fun. They visited the Chinese supermarket and bought things for themselves and their loved ones.


It was indeed a learning adventure spiced with lots of fun. For more Pictures, click here.