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Togo Trip 2012

Fifty two of our JSS2 students and seven members of staff under the leadership of the Principal, Mr. Olugbenga Dada embarked on an excursion to Togo from Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th April, 2012. 

Fifty two of our JSS2 students and seven members of staff under the leadership of the Principal, Mr. Olugbenga Dada embarked on an excursion to Togo from Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th April, 2012.   The essence of this excursion was to broaden the children’s horizons about French language and culture; it showed them a new bit of the francophone world around them. It was to make French subject more concrete and also to deepen children’s understanding of it. The excursion was full of fun and activities and the students enjoyed every bit of it.

Day 1: 21st

We left the school premises around 9:40am and travelled to Togo in the new school coaster bus and a hired luxurious bus.  The students’ morale was very high and impressive; many of them were singing and cracking jokes in the bus. Some were also awarded some house point against the next academic session for accurately translating some French expression into English. The hotel where we lodged was also in full touch with us as we were entering Togo; we got to our various rooms and had a sumptuous meal together.

Day 2: 22nd

We woke up around 10:00am and had our morning devotion and some exhortation together in the dining room and had our breakfast. After that we set out for another town called Kpalime - a remarkable touristic town in Togo. We got there in the afternoon, had our lunch and decided to stay indoors so as to allow our students to gain some energy for the days ahead. Later in the evening some students that were desirous to swim were allowed to do so.

Day 3:23rd

We visited the artisanal centre of Kpalime where students were exposed to some breathtaking artistic works. Many of them bought some of these artistic works for their loved ones. From there we went to the historical castle called “Chateau Vial”, where we learnt a lot about the history of the castle and how strategic the place was to the late president. Finally, on that day we went to the cascade called Kpime.

Day 4:24th

We checked out of our hotel (Hotel Cristal), for Lome after taking our breakfast. Getting to Lome, we headed to the beach. We had fun, played, relaxed and snapped pictures. After that we got back to our hotel in Lome (Jess Hotel). Later in the evening the students had a film show in the Hotel in which both languages were used (English, French).

Day 5: 25th

We set out for the Chinese Supermarket, the students really enjoyed it and bought presents for their family members and loved ones. From there we visited the independence square, some administrative blocks and the museum where the students learnt about the full story and history of the Republic of Togo. Many of our students really maximized their communication skills in French in the course of our visit.

Day 6:26th

We went to the Children’s Park called “Fil ‘O’ Park” where the children had fun and were involved in many sporting activities. Later in the evening we organized the students in two batches and swam one after the other in the hotel where we lodged.

Day 7:27th

Friday 27th was our last day in the capital of Togo (Lome), the students went to the biggest market in Lome for shopping. The students learnt to bargain in French language as they were buying things for themselves and loved ones. Later in the evening we had a nice time in the hotel, we wined and dined with the management of the hotel who gave us a speech and commended the students and also encouraged to take their studies serious. The Principal in return expressed His gratitude and compliments to the director and manager for their hospitality, organization and a very impressive sense of duty and he noted: “If Jesus tarries till next year, Jess Hotel is going to be our first priority for accommodation”. The management of the hotel presented a gift both to the students and the Principal and we snapped pictures together.

Day 8: 28th

We left the hotel very early in the morning around 4:30am for Nigeria.


The excursion was a very successful one to the glory of God and the school. The committee set up by the principal to write a report on the excursion ended their report on this note: “We all really enjoyed our stay in Togo. It was an experience that will forever be in the hearts of all JSS2 students”.