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Orientation for New Students

A wonderful week it was for Preston’s newbies as they went through their Orientation Programme where they learnt about the vision, mission and core values of Preston.

The rules and regulations guiding the behaviour and conduct of students at Preston International School was taken by Mr Dada. Rewards and Sanctions Policy by Mr Obajemihi and Mr Oyebanji, Academics and Extra Support by Ms Ikedinma and the Prestonian (Decorum and Etiquette) by Mrs Olubejide and Mr Omomehin.

In line with Preston’s Strategic Intents 6 - 'To encourage and train pupils in entrepreneurship', the students were trained on skills acquisition such as chin chin and puff puff making, soap making, hair freshener production, pomade production, and cake baking.

Overall, they did enjoy the variety of activities, learnt new things and most especially enjoyed the hospitality rendered by their Class Tutors and Head of Year (Mrs Adeolu) under the leadership of the Junior School Coordinator – Mrs Olubejide.

We are sure that these young chaps are ready to make themselves, their parents, and the school at large proud.

Thanks to all our parents once again for choosing Preston International School. God bless you all.

Check out their pictures here.

They also enjoyed a grand welcome party. View their party pictures here.