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2019 Anti-Bullying Week

Preston International School flagged off the anti-bullying week for the 2018/2019 session on Monday, 4th of February 2019.

The school counsellor, Mrs. Bisola Olumuyiwa gave an introductory speech on the subject before giving room to the school’s Vice Principal, Mr. Akinrinwa who expounded on the meaning of bullying, types of bullying and the effect it creates in the bullied. He also explained why bullies do bully and what to do when you are bullied or experience someone being bullied. Summarily, you need to STAND UP to bullies, not to retaliate but be calm, courageous and seek help from adults around – speak up and partner with others, avoid places where you are alone and create a distraction where necessary.

The anti-bullying week was reinforced with a short drama, song presentation, relevant speeches and annotations to hammer-in the cogent facts. The proprietor also gave a media remark and enjoined the community to love one another – which is the key solution to bullying.

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