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​​​​​​​Jss2 Student’s Togo Excursion

Education is not perfect and complete without traveling.

Education through traveling removes deficiency, dogmatism, ignorance, and barbarism. It is in view of this that JSS2 students of Preston International School Akure embarked on a week-long French trip to Togo on the 21st of July 2018. This is designed to expose them to the practical environment of their subject and enhance their resourcefulness. 
Un petit tour au musée national de Lomé(Togo) pour mieux s'imprégner de l'héritage culturel du Togo

Meaning: A tour at the national museum of Lome to learn about the cultural heritage of Togo.

Prestonians later visited the University of Lome, where they were allowed to tour strategic places like "Le village du Benin" a centre mainly dedicated for the immersion programme of students from various English-speaking countries across West Africa. Our students were warmly welcomed by the management of the centre and were later encouraged to be more serious about the French lessons in school. 
On the crowning day of their travel, Prestonians then converged at Tata amusement park where they joyfully took part in various recreational activities and games. 
Ici au Togo, on s'est bien amusé! - Here in Togo, we had fun!

Click here for the pictures.