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Nigeria Spelling Bee - October 2017

Our School played host to the Nigeria Spelling Bee, which took place on Saturday, the 14th of October, 2017 @ Preston International School hall.

The competition drew a number of schools who came with their best 'Bees' to honeycomb gargantuan words spilling out of the judges mouth with their accurate call of the right letters one after the other.

The event kicked off with a twist as the judges requested spellers to spell words from the 3 basic Nigerian languages (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba) in the first round, before moving on to English words in the preceding rounds.

Out of almost 150 spellers in the state competition, only seven spellers qualified for the regional competition coming up early next year. Two Prestonians, Etim Okpoyo and Uby Ekanem made it to the next round along with five spellers from other schools.

Congratulations to these wonderful Prestonians who made the school proud.

#Proud to be a Nigerian.

#Proud to be a Prestonian.

#Proud to be a Preston staff.

#Proud to be a Prestonian Parent.                                                             Check Pictures here