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  • Preston Begins Computer-Based Continuous Assessment Test

    Published 16/10/23

    Preston International School, on Monday, 16th October 2023 began the computer-based assessment test in line with our commitment to the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 7 - "Ensure Environmental Sustainability".

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  • Preston Joins Others to Celebrate Nigeria's 63rd Independence Day

    Published 04/10/23

    Preston International School on Monday, 2nd October 2023 joined in the celebration of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day. A colorful event it was, as students participated in fun activities such as Early Morning Parade, Face of Preston, Speech and Talent Presentation on the theme - "Nigeria: Desperate for Real Independence".

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  • Terra House Party (Celebrating the best house of the 2022-23 Session)

    Published 30/09/23

    The best house for the 2022/23 Academic session had a blast on Saturday, the 30th of September, 2023 hosted by the Directors, Mr & Mrs Ajayi in the school’s dining hall; this is in line with Preston’s reward policies, which remain outstanding, as everything matters.  House members all have the responsibility to contribute to the house points' pot and the house with the overall highest points wins a party.  Students gain points for a wide range of things, such as academic performance, good behaviour and attitude, participating well in extracurricular activities and for effort.

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  • Preston Joins Experts at the 2023 OSEPA Summit

    Published 28/09/23

    A great privilege it was for Preston International School to have attended the Annual Summit organized by Ondo State Environmental Protection Agency themed - "Combating the Menace of Plastic Pollution in Ondo 2.0; Action Time" which was attended by dignitaries, professionals of different fields, students’ leaders of higher Institutions in Ondo State, secondary school students and gentlemen of the press.

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  • Preston Shines Bright Amongst International Schools At The 2023 AISEN Prefects Course

    Published 04/06/23

    By Eke Kamsiliochukwu (Year 11)
    The 2023 AISEN Prefects course scheduled for 2nd June to 4th June kicked off with the lengthy journey which turned out to be well-rewarded as our school bus finally drove through the Greensprings School gate, leaving in our dust the Lagos traffic that seemed would never end.
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  • Preston Bagged 1st Position For The Third Time Consecutively At The Annual Kidscon Competition 26/5/2023

    Published 26/05/23

    What a perfect way to start the weekend as jubilation hit Preston’s environment, having bagged 1st position at the 2023 Kidscon competition – three times consecutively.

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  • Preston’s Robotics Team Bagged 1st Place Category Award Amongst 66 Teams from 40 Countries at the 2023 FLL Open Championship in Marrakesh, Morocco.

    Published 21/05/23

    Yet another win for Preston International School as our Robotics Club members (TechnoMind Team) having won at the first round on the 14th February, in Abuja, FCT; represented the school and country in the 2023 FLL Open Championship in Marrakesh, Morocco and emerged the only Nigerian School returning with a 1st place category award amongst 66 teams from 40 Countries across the world.

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  • 2nd Term Awards Ceremony | 5-5-2023

    Published 05/05/23
    A well-deserved day it was on Friday, 5th May, for Prestonians who were outstanding academically and behaviourally as they were celebrated at the deferred 2nd Term Awards ceremony.
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  • Preston's 13th Prefects Installation Ceremony (2023)

    Published 04/05/23

    An exciting moment it was on Wednesday 4th May 2023 as Preston held her 13th Prefects Installation Ceremony in a Spirit-filled and highly inspiring atmosphere.  The event was well attended by many of the parents of the newly installed prefects and lovers of Preston.

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  • Shekinah House Party

    Published 29/04/23

    (Celebrating the Champions of the 16th Inter-house Sports Competition)

    It was yet another moment of celebration at Preston as Shekinah house members were on Saturday, the 29th April 2023 rewarded for their synergy, tenacity and passionate effort where they balanced with their specially prepared goat meat - “asun” having emerged the champion during the 16th Inter-house Sports competition.

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  • Year 12 Students Celebrated 2023 Easter Monday At Ikogosi Warm Springs

    Published 10/04/23

    What an incredible way to celebrate Easter Monday as our Year 12 students embarked on an excursion to the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort located at Ikogosi, Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria.

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  • 2023 Anti-Bulling Week

    Published 13/03/23

    Preston as a school with a zero-tolerance policy for bullying joined the rest of the world to cry out that bullying is not acceptable in our school, communities and homes in a week-long anti-bullying programme.

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